Back in early 1998 when was a new site on the internet, (Yes this site has been here since 1998) there was a section on the website called “Your DAC Stories”. This was the most visited section back then as new DAC stories from fans poured in. There’s no better way to document the history of David, than to allow the fans a place to tell their own stories about when they meet David, or when David impacted their life.

To get the page rolling along I have added several early DAC stories

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  1. Just listed to “Whoopsy Daisy” on you tube for the first time, if you are a true David Allen Coe fan, I suggest you give it a listen. Insightful. Learned a thing or two to help me raise my new son when he is old enough to stand up and fall down. Whoopsy Daisy. Thank you Mr. Coe.

  2. My DAC story. I remember hearing David Allen Coe songs on the Juke box in my Daddy’s bar in south Louisiana. That was in the early to mid 70s, I loved his music, then someone showed me an album cover with David on a Harley. A fan from then on, I saw him 3 or 4 times through the years in Florida and Lafayette Louisiana. Jump to 2012, I’m tattooing at my shop in Lake Charles Louisiana one day and my president calls me and gave me a number to call. He says its David Allen Coe, and he’s driving through on his way to Texas. David being an Outlaw 1%er wanted to visit with a Bandido 1%er while stopped over in Lake Charles. Thinking my president (Rockstone) was messing with me I called any way. Low and behold I could tell right away it was him, he said he was driving through Baton Rouge and just got off the phone doing an interview with a radio station. We made arrangements to meet at a casino. I was so intimadated as being a big fan, but within 10 minutes it was like talking to a club brother. We hung out, played Slot machines and bullshitted until late that night. He said lets go to my truck and listen to my interview as it’s going to air at 2:00 am. While waiting for the interview he answered any question I asked about MC clubs and music. He knew much about my club from many years past. As we talked about music, he said have you heard this song? And he sang a couple lines. Gotdamn! I thought the windows would blow out of that truck! What a voice! What a song writer. The next day as soon as I got to the tattoo shop he called me. Hey Rickie do you tattoo Outlaws? Man, how good can it get. It was a small tattoo, I put Miss Kim and the date they were married. But I tattooed DAC. I can’t tell you how proud I am of that fact. He had to leave for Texas soon so we said good bye’s and he was off to play his show in Tx. During he’s visit he opened up his mind and I listened and held on to every word. We talked while I tattooed And even completed me on my work. That’s my DAC story , I sure hope I see him again. I enjoyed his visit so much. Bandido Rickie Ritter, Lake Charles Louisiana.

  3. I have seen DAC well over 50 times, most down at the Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach. Being from Jersey, we don’t have too many choices to see him, but about 10 years ago, he played at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Of course I was there. Back to Daytona, in 2001, I had the pleasure of running into DAC at the IHOP on A1A in Daytona. I was just leaving and DAC with Ms. Kimberly had just sat down for coffee. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I just walked by and said hello to the pair, telling him how much I liked his music, etc. He invited me to sit down and asked where I was from. We talked for a while and then I told him how my License plate on my Fatboy is “COE”. He wanted to go outside and check it out. We walked outside and Ms. Kimberly was kind enough to take pictures of me with the legend and my Fatboy. I really wish I had gotten Ms. Kimberly to get me copies of the photos, but I didn’t want to inconvenience the two of them. I spent about an hour talking and sharing live experiences and I left knowing that it was the most exciting hour I could have ever enjoyed. DAC and Kimberly are two of the most down to earth, intelligent people I have ever met. I keep checking the website in hopes that Ms. Kimberly added the photos, but haven’t seen them. So, if she is out there and remembers, or still has the photos, I’d love to see them. The pictures would contain DAC and one ugly mofo from Jersey with a black, 2000 Fatboy, with a New Jersey License plate reading, “COE”.

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting DAC back in 79 or 80 down in Key West when I was shrimping on the Jenny Lynn her home port was Alabama! I found David rehearsing in a warehouse on Duval St. Befriended the band, Micky on Base, little Al on Drums Warren Haynes on lead! They all would stop by the boat because we were docked we blew one of her motors! The owner came to town bout a week or so later pissed off found me and the band parting while everyone showers! He called me to the stern of the boat and told me you have to leave and take my friends with me! I was going to be the drum tech but got into a drunk fight with a jealous boy friend went to jail extradited back to KC to do my time!

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting DAC about 10 years ago and enjoyed a very lengthy conversation with him. I found him to be a very profound and “deep” person, dedicated not only to his music, but to his life and family as well. He is truly a rare person and I personally feel the world is very fortunate to have had such an influence, be it good or bad, it’s all in how you view things. By the way I have been a DAC fan for probably 25 or more years, probably longer than you are old!! jsturgis

  6. Been a DAC fan since 1975 only saw him live once about 8 yrs ago. I’ve seen Waylon at least 50 times Willie about 10 times Johnny Cash about 5 times and countless others over the years but the show DAC put on was one of if not the best concert I’ve ever seen. A short story about this show I’ll never forget: The place was full of bikers, some of the roughest looking people you’d ever saw (I ride a Harley myself so I have nothing against bikers) but this crowd was the most well behaved audience I’ve ever been in at any show anywhere. The biggest, baddest dudes crouching down while taking photos in the aisles not to block anyone’s view to the polite and mannerly behavior by everyone. Anyway, at one point early in the show, David tripped on a guitar cord and fell about 4 feet down off the stage flat on his face. Everyone gasped but David got right up as if nothing happened and continued to play for over another 2 hrs for a total of a 2 1/2 hr show. The Man was incredible. Like I said I’ll never forget that show!

  7. thought the page was totally kick ass… I’m 18 and have been a
    David Allan Coe fan for about 5 years or so… but have enough material
    for one to think that I have been a fan for 25 years or so… anyway…
    I just saw David Allan Coe at the music farm in Charleston, sc…
    thumbed my way there and back…. long ass way… but worth every
    mile… got to meet DAC and have my picture taken with him… also met
    his lead guitarist (a very cool guy) and had my picture taken with him
    as well…. and got both of their autographs….
    as soon as I get these pictures scanned (read as soon as I get
    someone who knows what the hell they’re doing to scan my pics) I will
    email them to you… I also have pics of the concert…. that are no
    where near as good as the pics you have here… but I had a suck ass $5
    disposal camera and I’m just glad that they turned out at all….
    was wondering if you happen to know the name of dac’s lead
    guitarist… cannot decipher this dude’s handwriting and I was so far in
    the clouds that night (because I had met DAC, this was not chemically
    induced) that I cannot remember what he said his name was…. I’d
    appreciate it if you’d let me know, if you have that information…
    another cool thing about DAC and the guitarist is that they are the
    only 2 people, besides the girl that actually did it for me, that have
    not looked at me like I’m some kinda freak or outcast since I had my
    hair dyed fuschia shock 3 weeks or so ago…
    when he invited me on the bus after the show, I told him that I
    had met him before the show behind the club and got my picture taken
    with him…. he said that he remembered me and pointed at the hair and
    grinned…. I told him a friend did it for me… he laughed and said, a
    lady… I said yeah… he said, it takes one might hell of a special
    woman to do that to a man…
    the lead guitarist was really cool and told me how cool he thought
    the hair was…. that guy was friggin awesome… he was really hyper…
    DAC wasn’t too talkative… I think he was a little tired… but
    I’ve told you all of this that you probably don’t care about… just
    to ask you the name of the lead guitarist… I’d appreciate it if you
    could email it to me at…. I’ll get around to
    signing the guestbook…
    Stephen Corbett…. the fuschia headed stranger…
    PS: not only were me and DAC the only 2 semi-freaky looking people (cuss
    everyone else there was drunken frat guy) we were also the only 2 people
    wearing rhinestones…. best night of my life

  8. I got turned on to DAC back around 74 or 75. A fellow employee kept
    singing bits and pieces of his songs ( ” If that ain’t country”), I
    asked him what the hell he was singing and he said ” David Allan Coe man
    !”. He turned me on to his third album ( the one with ” Wood and Steel”
    ), I thought that was pretty cool and went out and bought his “Human
    Emotions” album. That album kicked my ass and I have been a fan ever
    since.I have seen DAC live a half dozen times and never felt like I was
    seeing a repetitive watered down show, they were all different and
    great. Back in the late seventies, I saw him live in Poteau,Oklahoma at
    the Green Country Danceland. Two thousand drunks were crammed into this
    place and DAC came on stage sportin an arm in a cast. The crowd was
    getting hog wild, DAC just ripped out one song after another, in the
    middle of one song, a fan tried to climb up on stage, without losing a
    beat, DAC told him that ” if he don’t get the “F” off the stage, he was
    gonna kick his ass”, the fan climbed down. The crowd got increasingly
    rowdy and fights were breaking out. DAC produced a starters pistol and
    fired it several times over the crowd. ” HOLY SHIT ” … the crowd ate
    it up. Just another typical Eastern Oklahoma night. I met DAC later at
    a show in Muskogee,Ok. A friend of mine was traveling with the band at
    the time and she introduced me to DAC before the show. He was in some
    sort of zone at the time and appeared to be trashed out. He excused
    himself to get ready for the show ( he looked like a bum off the
    streets at that time ) and went back to the bus. A few minutes later
    the show started and he was a whole completely different personality.
    Started off with “Dakota the Dancing bear “. The man kicked ass ! He
    introduced his lead guitar player as Ted Nugents little brother, if I
    remember correctly. Here’s to ya David, keep kickin butt and takin

  9. We went to see David Allan Coe Saturday night, January 16, at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, Texas. Our seats were basically front row, center about 8 feet from the man himself. We were close enough to see the pupils of his eyes through his rose colored glasses. He came out on stage, opened with “Talkin’ with the Blues”, and then did the first of many shots of what he said was Jim Beam. He was having as good a time as the crowd, singing his usual variety of favorites, covers and whatever the hell he felt like singing as the evening wore on.He did several tunes off his new album, “Recommended for Airplay.” He said it should be out in March and includes the song “It Takes All Kinds of People to Make the World Go’Round.” He also said they were not putting his picture on the CD, but it would have pictures of the various races of people. That way, the radio stations wouldn’t be afraid to play the CD since he doesn’t look like the typical Nashville pretty boy.We forgot the camera, but those of you going to see him anytime soon need to have yours ready for the song “There’s No Holes in These Hands”. When DAC strikes the Christlike pose, it’s as though he should be immortalized on black velvet. He did several cuts off “Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine”, as well as the Willie, Waylon, Kris and Merle imitations, and a couple of Elvis songs. He also mentioned his record with Panetera, but didn’t say when it would be finished.Not sure if it’s a good idea to stand in front of DAC with your request written on a napkin. Some woman did, wanting to hear “Dakota”. He played about a line of it, then chewed her out for interrupting him while he was trying play a serious song. And much to the crowd’s delight, he didn’t chew her out gently! Don’t think an ass chewing like that is worth one line of a song! She had to be embarrassed.No write up would be complete without mentioning the band. They also are not the pretty boys of country music, but man, can they play. To keep up with DAC is a miracle in itself, but to have fun doing it makes the show that much better. We watched as the token tourists who had no real idea who DAC is, were drawn in to singing along by the end of the show.He played over two hours, plus an encore, then signed autographs after the show. It was great to see such a long line, and for those familiar with Billy Bob’s, it stretched out the showroom door to the bar in the main area of the club. We have seen DAC about ten times, this was one of the best. The icing on the cake? ALL DAC T-shirts and Sweatshirts were $10, sizes S to XXL. If you ever get the chance to see DAC perform at Billy Bob’s, it’s a great place to see him.

  10. Bill,
    I saw DAC @ Tipitina’s in New Orleans last Wednesday night (1-13-98). B.J.
    Shaver opened the show!! Need I say it was a magical night. I have seen DAC
    25 plus times but this show ranks as THE BEST!
    David took no less than a dozen shots of whiskey onstage and began the encore
    admitting to the crowd he was “very drunk”. He must have played every cut
    from his new album. (Each song is timeless. Played in the old style that
    will die with David and his fellow outlaws. For he has lived his songs.)
    Believe it or not, David played well over 2 hours and gave the crowd many
    treats. His covers were amazing spanning the hymnbook of the outlaw movement.
    His best two being complete takes of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and a
    spooky, voodoo version of “Folsom Prison Blues”.
    On my way to the Omni New Daisy Theatre in Memphis on January 30th to see the
    Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy!! It’s great living in Jackson, MS!! David
    loves to play in and around my great state. Hope your that lucky too as I love
    the website and wish you much luck. Many great DAC shows for you in the

  11. I am a little late with this story, but I would like to tell you anyway!!
    My wife, myself & our 1-1/2 year old son were driving to Michigan for vacation
    in September of 1998. I pulled off the road to eat at a truck stop and who is sitting
    there eating with their young daughter & road manager is DAC & Rebecca!!
    I could not believe it. I approached David in the parking lot. When I called his name
    he turned around & dropped his cigarette. He shot me that DAC look,but he was
    cool. I told him that I was a fan from Chicago heading up to traverse city; he told
    me they were on their way to Detroit for a show that night. I ran back into the
    restaurant to get my wife & son, hopefully she will get to meet him.
    unfortunately David’s bus was gone. We got on the highway & after several
    minutes we caught up with the bus. My wife took some pics of it & off we went.An interesting side note
    to this story. I was on my way to a DAC show in Chicago in November of 1998,and
    what do I see on the road on my way to the show- DAVID’S BUS!! That was a
    fantastic show. DAC opened with “talking to the blues”; and did a killer version of
    the Allman brothers classic,”midnight rider”. Thank-you, David. that was a
    night to remember.

  12. I know you don’t know me, but I would like to introduce myself to you. I
    met DAC in Cedar Rapids IA back in Sept 96 at the Taste of Iowa festival.
    Got to meet him after the concert and we talked a bit. What interested him
    in me was when I gave an envelope to the one guy who was taking in
    materials for DAC to autograph. Mine was an envelope that my mom had sent
    me so I had the name show when I gave him the envelope. It has my mom’s
    name Loveda Coe, which is my maiden name.
    It seemed like forever waiting but I was then ushered into the motor home to
    meet and talk with DAC. He is so awesome. Him and my dad could sorta be
    twins, have the same facial profile and the same clear blue crystal eyes.
    When I looked at DAC, it was like looking at my dad, it was something. DAC
    is so down to earth and I just enjoyed meeting and talking to him. He also
    verified some of the Coe history that I knew. That was awesome. DAC
    promised me that he would stay in touch with me and I had mailed him a
    Christmas card and a 3 page letter back in Dec of 96. I was hoping he
    would have written me back like he promised me. It is not the idea of him
    being famous and all, I just want to stay in touch with him because we are
    cousins and I think the world of him. All I got back was some info on him
    and his fan club, which I don’t mind belonging to, but it broke my heart
    when I did not get the letter I was hoping to get.
    Is there anyway you can relay a message to him or his wife Rebecca that I
    would love to stay in touch with them and trade news back and forth? DAC
    is my cousin and I really would like to meet his wife and have them both
    become a part of my life.
    If you can’t I understand. Just let them know I care and worry about them.
    Always, Ellen (Coe) Rogers


  14. I was in the Marine Corps back in 1984 sitting at a bar called The Tarheel Opry
    House in Jacksonville NC(Camp Lejune)the night before David was gonna do a
    show, drinking a few beers with some other Jar Heads….When this man came
    walking in ……I said LOOK its David Allen Coe, My buddies said
    NAW………………go and ask him if he is …so I did and we had a few
    beers and talked and he put on one hell of a show the next night.

  15. I saw David Allan Coe in Athens,Ohio this past October. His sister Diane
    who lives in my hometown, had given me her all access pass to use. She
    also gave me a letter to give to David. When the band and crew saw who the
    letter was from I got the royal treatment! The backstage pass was one of
    the very first of David’s to be printed up. One of the guys, JD, asked if
    he could run down the street and copy it for the rest of the band because
    they collected them. He was gone a long time so I jokingly asked Randy the
    guitar player if he was on the up and up or not. When he came back, Randy
    had told him what I asked. JD replied, ” In all my years of touring with
    David I’ve learned that you don’t mess with family, and you definitely
    don’t f**k with Diane!”. I said that’s why I was worried you weren’t
    coming back. Anyway, It was a great time. I got to have drinks with the
    band and make friends with them also. I never met more down to earth
    people in my life.

    Jay Schwall, Ohio (

  16. David I want to share with you one of my favorite DAC stories. One night back
    in 1983 I was on a date with a girl who is now my wife (old lady) of 11 years.
    We were in a college bar near the University of Cincinnati and your song THE
    RIDE was playing on the juke box and this college punk said that it was his
    favorite Hank Jr. song. After I had a good laugh at the at the dumb ass I told
    him he was wrong and bet him $20 that it was DAC and not Hank Jr.. So I took
    him over to the box and proved it to him. He then insisted you were doing a
    cover because he had never heard of you. So I told him fuck the 20 bucks and
    gave him the ass whipping of his life. When the big ass bouncer (football
    player) came over to kick out the 5 ft. 7 biker that he heard from the owner
    was causing problems he told his boss he remembered me from high school and
    that he thought it would be in their best interest to let me stay kick out the
    punk. I told the bouncer what had happened we both laughed did a shot of
    tequila and I drank free the rest of the night. Before my date got on the back
    of my Bike so that I could take her back to the sorority house she asked why
    were the rest of my drinks free. I just smiled kicked up the bike and said
    welcome to the life baby!
    P. S. The last time you were in Ft. Mitchell KY. and Dallas Moore was playing
    with you it was me and my brothers from STORMY’S who kidnapped you lead guitar
    player got him drunk and laid. See ya in DAYTONA


  17. I started listening to DAC in 1977 when I was 17 years old. My buddies and I thought Long Haired Redneck was a pretty cool album. The songs had meanings and stories that only a talented writer could do. I had been into Dylan for sometime and this was a country singer writing on Dylan’s level. Then a few months later we heard that DAC was going to be playing at the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. So we piled in and drove up and got seats right up front. Not really knowing anything about the man we weren’t sure what to expect. Well it was midnight before the Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy came out, and let me tell you, these 17 years old guys were awe struck. This big old cowboy looking dude with short hair, ear rings down to his shoulders in both ears, cowboy hat, sideburns, jeans stuck into his boots that read David Allan Coe, his guitar had David Allan Coe on it, guitar strap either had DAC or David Allan Coe on it, and a star tattooed on his neck and fingers. When the music started it never stopped for 2 1/2 hrs. later. There was hardly a break between songs. I remember looking around and seeing hippies, rednecks, bikers and saying I hope we get out of here alive. By 2:30 am we had at least partied for 6 hours or so and we had to drive back to Muskogee. I remember walking out and DAC was still playing and that left quite an impression on a 17 year old just starting to get into Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, etc.. Needless to say the Cains Ballroom back in the 70’s and 80’s was a party. I don’t want to mention on here what was going on in the crowd, but everyone was rowdy. Several fights here and there, and you just hoped you didn’t get caught in the middle of one. Not much security than. It seemed like back in the late 70’s and early 80’s DAC playing the Cains every year and I think sometimes he played there twice a year. And we went almost everytime he played. I’ve seen DAC as the Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy, the biker look, the pirate look, etc.. One of the best DAC concerts I remember at the Cains was when Wendell Atkins was touring with DAC. That was awesome to see them doing Willie and Walloon music together. From then on I have been a big DAC fan. I have shook his hand a couple of times and I had my picture taken with him in Pacific, Mo. before his concert. I go everytime he’s in town. I have over 23 DAC albums and I’m trying to collect the CD’s now. Let me tell you people you are listening to one of the best song writers there has ever been. I never say that someone is the best ever, because you can’t say that just one is the best. But not many have come along like DAC. He can appeal to a wide variety of people from his words to his voice. I have read his book, “Just For The Record” and listened to a ton on DAC and seen him in concert well over 20 times in the past 25 years. There won’t be another DAC. I saw DAC in concert last October at InCahoots in St. Louis for the first time in a couple of years. And as usual DAC had everyone on their feet at the end singing along and bringing the house down as they say. I always thought that DAC was one of the best performers in the business but of course he never got any recognition for it. As with a lot of his music. It’s a shame that Nashville wouldn’t promote of the greatest song writers that had come down the pipe in along time. But DAC fans didn’t give a hoot. When DAC plays we show up to see the man that helps bring us back to some of our youth listening to Long Haired Redneck, Willie Walloon and Me. Yes I enjoy the new stuff but it was the 70’s, 80′ stuff that set us apart from the rest. When I hear DAC singing one of these songs I can go back in time and feel young again.

  18. Here in Okla. like a lot of other places, DAC has a pretty large following of biker type folks At one outdoor music show like some others there were bikers handling security. DAC had been on the stage playing some time, there was a biker standing down in front of the stage watching the crowd keeping people back. He was a pretty big guy his nickname was Quack.
    Anyway, through one of the songs DAC was playing Quack pulled out a harmonica out of his vest pocket and started playing. He was really getting into playing along with DAC’s music, when COE stopped playing and yelled
    HEY ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! By then the band had pretty much died down. Quack had stopped playing an had jumped towards the crowd looking around for something going on he didn’t see any thing , so he looked back up towards the stage to get a idea of where COE was looking. Well DAC was looking right down at him, and told him ;’this is my show, but if your gonna play that damn thing get on up here’. He let Quack play his harp with him on two or three songs. That really made Quacks day. I heard him say that was the best thing he had ever gotten to do. Quack was a happy man. There’s my story,best as I remember, that’s been a few years back. I’ve got to make several DAC shows in my wild days. Now I get
    to catch a show once in a great while . Still enjoy him now as much as I did back then. Just trying to remember that far back ought to be worth a DAC tee-shirt. Like your site, keep it real.

  19. I seen David on March 9th at McDuffy’s in Owensboro KY. Right before his new song “I drank my wife away” He announced to the crowed house ” As I was writing this song it wasn’t about me, now he says it is. Just yesterday me and my 5th wife Rebecca filed for divorce”. As David sang his song I could fell his pain as he drank the whisky that lined the table on stage. David gave us a good show even though he was very drunk at the end. He expressed his pain in his music like no one else could. Right after the encore was over he got in the bus and he was gone. About 15 minutes I was on the road headed home when I seen his bus at a truck stop a few miles down the road, I went to the window and got to talk to David about Rebecca and How sorry I was to hear about the whole thing. I seen David not as The Legend, The Star, The Outlaw of country music. But as the Heartbroken Human Being that he was that night. This was a night I will never forget….Bill~~

  20. Bill, Here goes the story about David stealing the show from Hank Jr as best I can remember, it’s been a long time. It was in the early 80’s and David opened the show for Hank Jr and did a fantastic job as usual. When Hank came onstage he was in no shape to perform, he was sluing his words and couldn’t remember the words to his own songs. The crowd took all they were going to and everyone started shouting ” BRING DAVID BACK” over and over until Hank got mad and stormed off stage. David came back out and gave one of the best performances I’ve ever heard. He was fantastic as usual. But to Hank’s credit at his next Knoxville concert he apologized for his last appearance and stayed onstage for about 2.5 hrs. But in my opinion, nobody can top David. I can also tell you another story about David in another concert in Knoxville when the I.R.S seized all
    his property onstage during his concert when I have more time if your interested.

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