Guitar Tabs for David Allan Coe music


  1. I liked DAC x rated songs from the first song i heard it had been copied first time from a record player in need of new needle from a mickey mouse record player (not mickey mouse slang word )but portable close lid sewing needles from mom’s basket worked fine cause the one speaker had many rips holes extra needle storege lol.) But it was the only player that the father of house could seek off with so wife kids not hear it so could not use the nice console player with built in 8 track recorder lol so portable mickey and portable cassette recorder with built in speaker and mic lots of static background noise very bad recording from start by time first copy had been copied it was a mixture of comady songs jokes could not catch a lot but parts of a song had a beat I trying hear the words cause I thought I heard something moaning and tight squeeze face pillow on knees ? Back that up play it again oh u never heard this Yea this guy is got a few funny song was a hole tape but I copied good funny stuff over it and saved the best songs . So who is it ? I don’t know I got it from (dumb ass ) I hooked wanted to hear more I traced the bad recordings back get few more songs or parts no one wrote names of songs or artist on tape keep it hidden could not ask record store if they have or can get copy of Hershey hwy or white girl with a nigger (some kid thinking why he not Google it lol) no back when no Internet or computers ‘ cell phones, information came from friends that never got shit right lol or one of the 3 to 5 channels on TV or library 16 years old but had a good sound system took all the bad recordings started removing background noises and gaps use high quality metal tapes dolby lot of time much better playing the same song same part over and over many times to get them best I could tell DAC voice or songs and ones that were not. Had other things got my mind off it had to leave state of calif now or have 1 to 3 years before they let me leave got married moved to middle of nowhere MO hide out blend in raise kids full time day job need more money took night job in a strip club doorman take money free beer watch necked girls dance get paid. KY JELLY RUBBER GLOVES AND A FLASHLIGHT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD JOB TO ME lol. The DJ had many songs I had never heard but I knew the voice that is when I learned his name and got good clean recordings of albums. Bar strip club was owned and ran by a group of bikers that is why there is always so many bikes here all the time it was there hang out made money had meetings lots of deals lots of money great party’s I learned who DAC was and liked all his music never thought he was racist or hated blacks and commies and fags and rag heads WHY NOT BLOW THEM ALL AWAY I thought his songs were funny like the song JUST WANT TO FUCK U ONE LAST TIME it funny sick but funny and u never thought that he really fucked his daughter or hates blacks there r lots of niggers in the world not all r black lol I liked the song I GOT MY RED WINGS FOR THE FIRST TIME FINELY BECAME A MAN and a few more I don’t see on any of list I probably have the name wrong . I listened to the tapes made at the bar live a lot cranked up so u could hear it outside while I worked my first wife thought I should not share my music with people around us lol I would catch her laughing it songs now and then trying to act like it not funny and she love riding on the bike . Her dad was a cop in town we lived in he would stop by see grandkids ask my wife why I listed as known associate of these guys cause they r all bad people killers , drug pushers , pimps , don’t vote or pay taxes lol list went on when I get home she is pissed I had to ask first what a known associate I work for the bar they drink at I not hang or know nothing about them I thought they just local club I never heard of a goose galloping till then lol . Would travel anytime DAC was playing in a 2 hundred miles of me he was just here at a small bar last week .my second wife I had not been married to her long she liked DAC music had a few tapes or his one day I had one on and she comes out of room pissed off yelling about what is that shit turn it off ok ok I thought u like Coe ? That nigger worthless white girl shit is not Coe . Yes it is just when he younger anyway found out she pissed cause she had been married and had kids with a black guy or few she could have told me before we got married not that I care but I would not have played that song lol and I could not get that song out of or it pop in my head when I would kiss her or go down on her and it would make me laugh I tried to tell her I not laughing at her? I now on 4th marriage the 3 wife that I took to see Coe at every casino or club she liked his music 20 years younger then me I had hoped she would wear me out and I die happy no she died on me I wore her out ? Left me her kid to raise 13 year old with old single man that laughs at song about a make wanting to Fuck his daughter one more time ? Ok put David away for a while . She turned 18 in college now I married again to girl loves DAC I took her to see him few days ago asked her how she likes his x rated stuff ? That is not DAC yes it is he would not sing or write that stuff lol how can u like his stuff and never hear anything from early years ? My mom loved DAC listening to him ALl the time and she would not have if she heard that and that kind of thinking is why he won’t sing any of the funny shit no more and that is funny so he has been in my life through many changes in my thinking and how I look at life how much I have changed but I still like his songs music way of thinking Fuck them all if they can’t take a joke lol life is short have fun sorry my question in the list of stuff he hates lol on one song it goes out to miss calabash where ever u r ? Who is miss calabash? Lol . And ty David for being a part of my life making me smile and look for something positive in all things

  2. Hope to see you soon. It was a pleasure to meet Miss Kim. I bet I can jog your memory if you don’t remember who I am yet! Maybe even an old picture! Will see ya’ll again. Soon I hope! Shery hoyt Dawson

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