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  1. David Allen Coe- I know the words to every song you ever wrote! You have been my best friend since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I am 47 now. I’ve seen you several times and have shook your hand after you signed my copy of Penitentiary Blues (in Panama City, Fl.) Thank you for your music. I am trying to find – I can’t recall the name – the song of when you were in Juvi and came in from work to learn that – I can’t recall the artists name- had been found dead. The ‘artist’, as the song tell’s it was someone you looked up too. If I heard it, I could sing every word, but my mind can’t remember it on it’s own. Anyway, I hope Mr. Coe’s eyes will read this and will somehow know what a comfort and best friend his voice, his music and his words have been to me. (and continue to be). At any rate, whomever reads it please tell me the name of the song I can’t remember.
    Forever a DAC fan,
    Windy Johnson

  2. Sorry for your accident. My 4yr old daughter and10yr son saw you at the boathouse in norfolk va many yrs ago (32 yrs) and we still love you. Best wishes….

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